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Date: Thursday, April 5th, 2018
Place: Whitey Smith Stadium - Rogers High School
Times: Field Events and Running Events start at 3:30

The orders of track events are as follows:

4x200 Meter Relay Girls (3:30), Boys
4x1600 Meter Relay Girls, Boys
Shuttle Hurdle Relay (4x100 meters) Girls
Shuttle Hurdle Relay (4x110 meters) Boys
4x100 Meter Relay Girls, Boys
4x800 Meter Relay Girls, Boys
Sprint Medley Relay (200, 200, 400, 800) Girls, Boys
Distance Medley Relay (1200, 400, 800, 1600)-Girls, Boys
4x400 Meter Relay Girls, Boys

The orders of field events are as follows:

Discus Girls (3:30) Boys to follow
Long Jump Girls (3:30) Boys to follow
Pole Vault Girls (3:30) Boys to follow
Shot Put Boys (3:30) Girls to follow
High Jump Boys (3:30) Girls to follow
Triple Jump Boys (3:30) Girls to follow

To enable members of the field teams to participate, relays will be held in the shot, discus, high jump, pole vault, long jump, and triple jump. In each of these events three individuals will comprise a relay team. The best effort of each individual competitor will be added for a team score. Places will be awarded on these total heights or distances. Team points will be calculated from relay team finish place. Note: In the girls pole vault only, a team may consist of 2 vaulters with the 3rd height counting as 0.

Teams will be allowed an A and B relay in each running event, with only the A team figuring into the scoring. All Field event relays must have 3 competitors. No B teams in the field events.

Entry Fee: $50 for a boys & $50 per girls team for Non 7A West Conference Schools

Awards: Trophies will be given to the top two Sr. Girls and Boys teams
Batons will be awarded to winning relays
Ribbon to the 2nd 6th place relay team

Entries: Ar.milesplit.com

Athletes: Please put all team camps in the East bleachers

Deadline: Wednesday, April 4th 10pm

Contacts: E-mail: carlton.efurd@rpsar.net  2300 South Dixieland Blvd. School Phone: 636-2202