Coaches: Time To Get Your Outdoor Meets On The Calendar


I hope everyone had a successful XC season. It is that time of year when I would like everyone to get their outdoor meets on the calendar and ready for registration. It is a very simple process using MileSplit's registration wizard.

Once you have picked your dates, please use the registration wizard to add your meet to the calendar. 


1. Log in as your teams admin. Click on registration and set up meet. 

2. This should show you a list of meets. If your home meet is not listed, click "not listed".

3. Type in the meet name EXACTLY AS IT WAS LISTED  ON LAST YEARS CALENDAR!!  (note: if this is not a brand new meet, then your meet has a history that must be selected during this process)

4. Follow the steps. Everything should be cloned from last years meet. Double check to make sure that all of the dates are correct and your meet info is updated to 2018.

Please let me know if you have an problems or questions. I can fix everything on my end if there is a problem.


Jim Yurwitz

Arkansas MileSplit Webmaster