If You Take Pictures At A Meet, Upload Them to MileSplit!

How to upload photos to Ar.MileSplit.com

First create a file with all of the photos in it on your computer, external hard drive or SD card. Name that folder the meet name (ex. Berryville Back 40).

Inside of that folder create a folder for each event at the meet (ex. Girls 100m, Boys 100m, Girls 200m, Boys 200m, or for XC, HS Boys, HS Girls, JH Boys, JH Girls, etc.).

Then place each photo into the corresponding event folder. Make sure each photo is under 2 Megabytes. You may have to resize them.

Once you have all of the photo files arranged correctly, log into ar.milesplit.com and go to the meet page by using the calendar. Click "Add Content".

Then click Photo Album. You will have to decide on a cover photo and a name for the album. The album needs to be named the meet name and then by your name (ex. Berryville Back 40 Invitational by Jim Yurwitz). The cover photo for the album has to be 620x349.

Once you create the album, click "Choose Folder" and choose the folder that is named for the meet (aka the main folder called Berryville Back 40).

Click upload and the pictures will upload to MileSplit. Depending on your connection speed and number of pictures, this could take awhile.