Final 4: Top Pole Vaulters of the Last Decade - Fan Poll

The Final Four

All of the top seeds advance except for the #4 vs #5 match-ups on both sides of the bracket. #5 seeds Bailee McCorkle and Rhett Nelson take down the #4 seeds. The match-ups are getting more interesting. Polls will close on 7/14 at 8pm.



What Is This?

This is a fan poll tournament where your votes determined the greatest pole vaulter of the past decade.

The Setup

We've selected 8 girls and 8 boys based on their marks in the vault, ranked them 1-8, placed them in a bracket of head-to-head matchups where your poll votes will determine who advances. Early-round voting will last 48 hours.


Athletes included are from the period between 2011 and 2020. This is based solely on OUTDOOR track performances. Athletes were selected based on top pole vault rankings within the decade. The final cut to 8 was based solely on their rankings.

  How This Works 

Athletes are seeded 1 through 8 based on their rankings from the vault. Every two days we will advance the athlete with the most votes to the next round. You may vote on Be sure to spread the word to advance your favorites into the next round!