Danny Westbrook Invite Virtual Meet

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Do we have a crystal ball at MileSPlit??? Nope, just a virtual meet generator! Here is what should happen in the BOYS Race at the Danny Westbrook Invitational in Bryant tomorrow. BoysTeam scores on page 2. Girls on Page 3 & 4

Boys Individuals Rankings

1Parker Ables2019Heber Springs High School16:01.10 1
2Brady Pascoe2020Conway High School16:04.70 2
3Dominic Ward2021Greenbrier High School16:09.10 3
4Jd Otts2019Vilonia High School16:10.80 4
5Cade Swindle2021Conway High School16:28.70 5
6Gunter Campbell2021Conway High School16:30.00 6
7Chris Barrientos2019Bryant High School16:31.90 7
8John Sutton2021Conway High School16:47.30 8
9Tyler Melton2020Maumelle High School16:51.00 9
10Bryce Johnson2021Cabot High School16:51.70 10
11Ian Bush2021Conway High School16:52.50 11.5
11Jackson Wheeler2019Maumelle High School16:52.50 11.5
13Tyler Harrod2019Maumelle High School16:53.80 13
14Lee Lenahan2019Cabot High School16:56.40 14
15Lucas Bozeman2021Catholic High School16:56.60 15
16Jacob Mills2019Russellville High School16:57.00 16
17Thomas Jasmin2020Cabot High School17:01.60 17
18Ethan Kailey2021Conway High School17:10.00 18
19Bresner Austin2021Bryant High School17:12.00 19
20Braden Leonard2020Cabot High School17:12.70 20
21Grayson Young2021Cabot High School17:12.90 21
22Kevin Aguilar2021Parkview High School17:14.00 22
23Trenton Barnes2021Heber Springs High School17:15.90 23
24Hagan Austin2021Bryant High School17:28.00 24
25Clay McDonald2021Maumelle High School17:28.50 25
26Tate Smithhart2021Vilonia High School17:29.50 26
27Huri Romero2019Parkview High School17:29.80 27
28Phillip Garcia2022Cabot High School17:33.30 28
29Cannon Chrochet2021Catholic High School17:36.00 29
30Joshua Masters2020Sheridan High School17:37.90 --
31Caden Lemley2021Russellville High School17:38.20 30
32Chip Fournier2021Catholic High School17:38.60 31
33Gabriel Goodwin2021Vilonia High School17:39.20 32
34David Brigman2020Cabot High School17:43.10 33
35Giancarlo Rodriguez2020Parkview High School17:43.90 34
36Jesse Bennett2021Benton High School17:45.50 35
37Gideon Drake2019Lakeside (HS) High School17:46.96 36
38Hazlitt Pena2020Beebe High School17:47.60 37
39Diego Oviedo2021Cabot High School17:48.10 --
40Justin Mayes2020Beebe High School17:49.50 38
41Carter Sykes2022Russellville High School17:51.60 39
42Daniel Massa2019Vilonia High School18:00.30 40
43Easton Usery2020Cabot High School18:01.40 --
44Brendan Redmond2020Benton High School18:04.50 41
45Hunter Maestas2019Russellville High School18:06.20 42
46William Mims2020Lakeside (HS) High School18:10.70 43
47Connor Scott2019Russellville High School18:11.00 44
48Preston Freeman2021Russellville High School18:11.70 45
49Cade Puckett2021Cabot High School18:13.00 --
50Luis Martinez2021Bryant High School18:15.20 46
51Gage Epperson2021Benton High School18:19.70 47
52Colin Brock2019Beebe High School18:20.90 48
53Skyler Thomas2022Russellville High School18:22.60 49
54Harrison Janski2021Vilonia High School18:24.00 50
55Samuel Morales2022Benton High School18:26.00 51
56Nate Sutterfield2021Maumelle High School18:27.20 52
57Worth Wilsey2019Catholic High School18:27.28 53
58Thane Johnson2021Greenbrier High School18:27.90 54
59Fernando Castro2022Russellville High School18:28.80 --
60Chris Herrera2022Bryant High School18:29.90 55
61Hunter Dorathy2022Lakeside (HS) High School18:30.10 56
62Elijah Persson2020Sylvan Hills High School18:33.70 57
63Christian Brack2020Bryant High School18:35.30 58
64Noah Greeson2021Catholic High School18:35.40 59
65Reece Forrest2020Little Rock Central High School18:35.60 60
66Gabe Crawford2019Conway High School18:41.00 61
67Jacob Sierra2021Sylvan Hills High School18:42.21 62
68Andrew Harrison2020Conway High School18:42.90 --
69Jordan Foster2019Caddo Hills High School18:43.86 63
70Ammon Henderson2021Bryant High School18:44.30 64
71Tyler Smith2021Benton High School18:45.20 65
72Josue Mendoza2020Russellville High School18:46.90 --
73Noah Chandler2021Conway High School18:47.70 --
74Osvaldo Chavez12019Little Rock Central High School18:47.80 66
75Ethan Saffle2020Bryant High School18:48.10 --
76Blake Shields2019Bryant High School18:48.20 --
77Isaac Smith2021Conway High School18:48.70 --
78Brock Ballard2021Joe T. Robinson High School18:48.90 67
79Nick Sowerbutts2019Lakeside (HS) High School18:49.70 68
80Will McDonald2021Maumelle High School18:50.00 69
81Daemon Criswell2021Greenbrier High School18:51.10 70
82Brock Bivens2020North Little Rock High School18:52.99 71
83Jeremiah Lowrance2019Vilonia High School18:53.00 72
84William Freyaldenhoven2021Russellville High School18:53.60 --
85Zach Cloud2021Benton High School18:55.30 73
86Nick Fowler2019Bryant High School18:57.00 --
87Nathan Reynolds2019Lakeside (HS) High School18:59.84 74
88Logan New2020Bryant High School19:01.40 --
89Ozbourn Melton2022Cabot High School19:01.50 --
90Jake Dreher2019Bryant High School19:01.80 --
91Luis Gabriel2019Joe T. Robinson High School19:02.40 75
92Brian Sotelo2019Bryant High School19:03.50 --
92Ryan Piper2020Benton High School19:03.50 76
94Stephan Boland2022Maumelle High School19:03.70 77
95Matthew Riley2020Sylvan Hills High School19:05.50 78
96Carter Lemley2021Russellville High School19:05.60 --
97Truman Martin2021St Joseph High School19:06.00 79
98Bersain Cruz2022Caddo Hills High School19:07.81 80
99Johnny Chicas2021Bryant High School19:08.10 --
100Camden Bentley2022Maumelle High School19:08.40 --
101Chandler Boardman2022Benton High School19:09.00 --
102Brandon Otwell2019Lakeside (HS) High School19:09.36 81
103Justice Plackard2022Sheridan High School19:09.60 --
104Sam Savage2019Cabot High School19:10.10 --
105Aaron Spangler2021Bryant High School19:11.70 --
106Gabe Macchi2020Bryant High School19:13.00 --
107Kenneth Barlow2020Greenbrier High School19:13.90 82
108Drew MacIntire2022Bryant High School19:14.30 --
109Houston Edwards2022Cabot High School19:16.10 --
110Luke Allen2019Joe T. Robinson High School19:16.60 83
111George Terry2023Bryant High School19:18.40 --
112Chancey Ivener2019Heber Springs High School19:18.60 84
113Wes Thompson2021Pulaski Academy19:19.70 85
114Clayton Jolly2021North Little Rock High School19:21.41 86
115Angel Amezcua2020Bryant High School19:24.30 --
116Ethan Ives2020Bryant High School19:26.90 --
117Jaxon Holt2022Bryant High School19:27.20 --
118Chance Williams2020Cabot High School19:27.60 --
119Cade Smithhart2023Vilonia High School19:29.30 87
120Jessie Ibarra2021Bryant High School19:29.90 --
121Caleb Lovell2020Little Rock Central High School19:31.60 88
122Jeffery Hall2022Lakeside (HS) High School19:33.20 89
123Ben Mitchell2020North Little Rock High School19:33.55 90
124Brayden Matyja2021Vilonia High School19:33.70 --
125Tommy Whaley2021Maumelle High School19:35.10 --
126Grant Thompson2021Cabot High School19:35.60 --
127Brayan Almazan2021Russellville High School19:36.11 --
128Drake Torrez2020Maumelle High School19:36.40 --
129Chase Fralick2022Conway Junior High19:38.50 91
130Alex Skelley2023Bryant High School19:40.80 --
131Nicholas Clausen2022Maumelle High School19:42.00 --
132Noah Mooney2019Beebe High School19:42.90 92
133Samuel Gaines0Central Arkansas Christian19:45.40 --
134Riley Reed2021Cabot High School19:46.00 --
135Dillon Upperman2019Benton High School19:46.70 --
136Dax deBin2019Catholic High School19:47.30 93
137Hunter Bowers2022Conway Junior High19:47.50 94
138Cade Wagner2022Vilonia High School19:48.40 --
139Hunter Williams2020Cabot High School19:48.90 --
140Caleb Mallett2021St Joseph High School19:50.80 95
141Gabriel Stobaugh2021St Joseph High School19:50.90 96
142Aidan Hudgens2022Maumelle Charter19:52.80 97
143Aaron Devine2021Bryant High School19:53.50 --
144Clayton Jones2022Vilonia High School19:54.10 --
144Zac Benham2021Benton High School19:54.10 --
146Barrett James2022Lakeside (HS) High School19:54.60 --
147Cole Garner2021St Joseph High School19:55.70 98
148Gage Helton2019Vilonia High School19:56.20 --
149Josh Tibbs2021Conway Christian High School19:56.28 99
150Nicholas Brorman2020St Joseph High School19:56.50 100
151Brandon Preston2019Russellville High School19:58.70 --
152Trevor Anderson2020Catholic High School19:59.21 101
153Leyton Rainbolt2022Little Rock Central High School20:00.00 102
154Thomas Naylor2022Maumelle High School20:00.60 --
155Dillon Simmons2020Little Rock Central High School20:03.00 103
156Carraig Craun2020Conway High School20:03.47 --
157Kyler O'Brien2019Benton High School20:05.41 --
158Osvaldo Chavez2019Little Rock Central High School20:05.80 104
159Austin Lyon2020Conway High School20:06.20 --
160Caleb Weston2022Benton High School20:07.10 --
161Gabe Tate2021Heber Springs High School20:07.30 105
162Alex Miller2019Little Rock Central High School20:07.90 106
163Ben Chino2019North Little Rock High School20:08.49 107
164Dayton Lamb2019Heber Springs High School20:08.70 108
165Ben Hollis2023Lakeside (HS) High School20:10.40 --
166Blase Martin2022Conway High School20:10.80 --
167Jones White2023Vilonia High School20:11.40 --
168Bradley Shunn2021North Little Rock High School20:11.54 109
169Carson Jefford2021Abundant Life School20:12.00 --
170Wilson Waugh2020Pulaski Academy20:13.90 110
171Collin Hines2020Cabot High School20:14.12 --
172Jacob McClain2019Sheridan High School20:15.00 --
173Mackenzie Bernhardt2021Little Rock Central High School20:15.40 --
174Jake Johnson2023Cabot High School20:16.10 --
175Colin Ratliff2020Vilonia High School20:17.40 --
176Christian Hernandez2023Bryant High School20:17.90 --
177Samuel Moutos2021Pulaski Academy20:18.10 111
178Alex Briscoe2019Conway High School20:18.20 --
179Hayes Pruitt2023Conway Junior High20:18.80 112
180Brayden James2022Lakeside (HS) High School20:20.20 --
181Dylan White2020Bryant High School20:22.00 --
182Aidan Russell2022Bryant High School20:24.40 --
183Hugo Verdin2021Parkview High School20:26.00 113
184Efrain Cortez2020Catholic High School20:27.30 --
185Logan Summers2021Joe T. Robinson High School20:29.40 114.5
185Matthew Apuya2019Pulaski Academy20:29.40 114.5
187Clark Etzel2020Russellville High School20:35.50 --
188Joaquin Alvarado2022Bryant High School20:36.40 --
189Ryota Shinkawa2019Pulaski Academy20:36.90 116
190Hunter Wade2019Beebe High School20:37.50 117
191Caleb Ross2022Maumelle Charter20:37.70 118
192Edwin Martinez2020Hermitage High School20:38.00 119
192Jesse Kneisler2020Benton High School20:38.00 --
194Steven Vong2021Maumelle High School20:38.40 --
195Raul Trejo2019Sylvan Hills High School20:39.80 120
196Garrett Mathis2021Beebe High School20:40.20 121
197Sam Wind2019Benton High School20:40.50 --
198Grant Moore2022Bryant High School20:42.00 --
199Drews Brister2020Hot Springs High School20:42.20 122
200Levi Persson2022Sylvan Hills High School20:42.30 123
201Caleb Hiegel2020St Joseph High School20:42.80 124
202Rudy Gonzales2020Hermitage High School20:43.00 125
203Sam Conine2020Pulaski Academy20:46.60 126
204Jake McKinney2019Catholic High School20:46.90 --
205Drake Nguyen2023Conway Junior High20:47.10 127
206Will Crawford2020Catholic High School20:48.50 --
206Yoshio Yamashita2019Russellville High School20:48.50 --
208Walker Wood2023Lakeside (HS) High School20:52.70 --
209Zach Hardister2020Benton High School20:53.07 --
210Hugh Humphreys2019Heber Springs High School20:54.00 128
211Greg Hoelzeman2020Sacred Heart High School20:54.80 129
212Luke Gustafson2022Maumelle High School20:55.50 --
213Hassan Sardar2021Pulaski Academy20:57.13 130
214Brennen Grimes2020Catholic High School20:57.60 --
215Keller Willhite2022Vilonia High School20:57.90 --
216Nathan Bond2020Benton High School20:59.40 --
217Micah Meeks2022Maumelle Charter21:00.00 131
218Dane Schrekenhofer2021St Joseph High School21:00.90 132
219Will Siegel2023Conway Junior High21:01.00 133
220Nick Blanford2019Cabot High School21:01.01 --
221Sam Allen2020Bryant High School21:04.10 --
222Spencer Demers2019Greenbrier High School21:06.93 134
223Davion Conley2020North Little Rock High School21:07.56 135
224Jesus Mendoza2020Bryant High School21:09.20 --
225Jordan Rushing2020Shirley High School21:09.23 --
226Cole Martinez2019Hot Springs High School21:10.59 136
227Tyler Carruth2019Pulaski Academy21:11.00 --
228Ro Jon Barnett2018Parkview High School21:12.50 137
229Thomas Jefferson2021Sylvan Hills High School21:13.27 138
230Tyler Kelley2020Vilonia High School21:14.21 --
231Ryan Donaho2019Vilonia High School21:16.70 --
232Emory White2019Conway High School21:17.80 --
233Takahito Orr2020Sylvan Hills High School21:20.40 139
234Zac Stone2019Heber Springs High School21:21.41 140
235Hayden Henson2021Maumelle Charter21:22.28 141
236Josh Hynum2020Benton High School21:22.59 --
237Nicholas Davis2021Cabot High School21:24.40 --
238Garrett Lucier2021Bauxite High School21:26.01 142
239Ashton Dorathy2020Lakeside (HS) High School21:28.20 --
240Brandon Lee2020Bryant High School21:28.60 --
241Kai Spradlin2023Conway Junior High21:29.70 143
242Jaxson Sheeley2021North Little Rock High School21:30.77 144
243Nicholas Sample2020Benton High School21:31.90 --
244Caleb Hogue2024Vilonia High School21:33.30 --
245Brady Myers2022Conway Junior High21:33.90 145
246John Smith2021St Joseph High School21:34.52 --
247Andrew Helms2020Little Rock Central High School21:34.90 --
248Miguel Thorpe2020Conway Christian High School21:35.40 146
249William Zeigler2020Hot Springs High School21:38.00 147
250John David Provins2019Lakeside (HS) High School21:40.55 --
251Malachi Jones2020Sylvan Hills High School21:41.70 --
252Jacob Bailey2021St Joseph High School21:41.90 --
253Chase Hooten2022Conway Junior High21:42.00 --
254Gage Baldwin2021Cabot High School21:42.20 --
255Manuel Punz2019Bauxite High School21:43.43 148
256Nathan Freeman2020Vilonia High School21:43.80 --
257Ethan Ball2020Catholic High School21:44.70 --
258Kaleb Sanders2019Little Rock Central High School21:45.04 --
259Logan Williams2023Cabot High School21:45.10 --
260Luke Chandler2023Conway Junior High21:46.10 --
261Evan Ford2020Cabot High School21:47.90 --
262Caleb Green2021Pulaski Academy21:49.30 --
263Mason Westby2022Vilonia High School21:51.50 --
264Levi Dugger2023Lakeside (HS) High School21:52.00 --
265Camden Williams2021Cabot High School21:53.29 --
266Adam Leicht2021St Joseph High School21:54.90 --
267Walter Flanigan2017Catholic High School21:56.80 --
268Robert Heisler2022Maumelle High School21:56.90 --
269Charlie Meek2023Conway Junior High21:57.40 --
270Gabe Chandler2020Conway High School21:57.50 --
271Brandon Bates2022Catholic High School22:01.20 --
272Samuel Games2020Central Arkansas Christian22:01.70 --
273William Griffin-Postema2019Benton High School22:02.70 --
274Jacob Dubasak2021Lakeside (HS) High School22:06.18 --
275Blake Sullivan2019Conway High School22:06.20 --
276Alex Goodrich2019Conway High School22:07.40 --
277Logan Kelley2024Vilonia High School22:12.60 --
278Scott Shatterly2020Heber Springs High School22:14.80 --
279Cameron Martin2021St Joseph High School22:17.80 --
280Matthew Thompson2021Little Rock Central High School22:17.90 --
281Juan Velazquez2022Caddo Hills High School22:20.14 149
282Emmanuel Altamirano2019Hot Springs High School22:22.80 150
283Luke Thompson2019Benton High School22:23.70 --
284Jaden Evans2019Heber Springs High School22:28.50 --
285Denver Norman2023Conway Junior High22:31.90 --
286Caleb Bynum2020Sylvan Hills High School22:32.90 --
287Zach Joyner2019Beebe High School22:33.10 151
288Seth Eubanks2021Bryant High School22:39.50 --
289Carson Whaley2019Little Rock Central High School22:41.00 --
290Luke Shroyer2021Catholic High School22:42.41 --
291Landon Mannion2024Vilonia High School22:42.60 --
292Hunter Cameron2021North Little Rock High School22:43.68 --
293Sam Steven-Assheuer2021Hot Springs High School22:44.56 152
294JaDarren Davis2021Sylvan Hills High School22:45.20 --
295Ethan Urban2021Maumelle Charter22:46.30 153
296Richard Gonzales2021Hot Springs High School22:49.04 154
297Trey Greeson2021Sacred Heart High School22:51.00 155
298Michael Santillan2022Hot Springs High School22:52.78 156
299Will Schichtl2020St Joseph High School22:55.20 --
300Alec Nichol2019Joe T. Robinson High School22:56.28 157
301Dylan Craven2021North Little Rock High School22:56.62 --
302Louis Wright2020Sacred Heart High School22:57.10 158
303Jordan Castro2020Russellville High School22:59.50 --
304Austin Paul2019Benton High School22:59.60 --
304Brayden Clayton2021Benton High School22:59.60 --
306Elvis Contreras2020Hot Springs High School23:00.30 --
307Selden Humphreys2019Heber Springs High School23:00.80 --
308Alex Salto2020Hot Springs High School23:01.10 --
309Dean Leonard2023Conway Junior High23:02.10 --
310Isaiah Jellenik2022Conway Junior High23:04.30 --
311William Freeman2020Catholic High School23:05.40 --
312Adam Koch2020Sacred Heart High School23:06.30 159
313Aron Hernandez2020Hermitage High School23:13.00 160
314Rodrigo Aguilar2019Benton High School23:16.70 --
315Barry Schnaitman2021Maumelle High School23:16.87 --
316Noah Koch2021Sacred Heart High School23:16.90 161
317Tyler Qualls2021Bryant High School23:20.50 --
318Trent Willett2021The Baptist Preparatory School23:22.01 --
319Cole Penningtom2020Hermitage High School23:23.00 162
320Justin Dobry2021Catholic High School23:25.20 --
321Matthew Puff2021Conway High School23:25.38 --
322Jose Flores2019Parkview High School23:28.40 163
323Kenai Williams2020Cabot High School23:28.82 --
324Logan Hurst2021St Joseph High School23:30.00 --
325Salvador Gabriel2021Joe T. Robinson High School23:31.50 164
326Hayden Austin2020Sylvan Hills High School23:37.11 --
327Nate Geoghagan2019Catholic High School23:42.30 --
328Axel Caballero2019Russellville High School23:45.50 --
329Ethan Crawley2022Vilonia High School23:46.70 --
330Ryan Davis2020St Joseph High School23:47.61 --
331Blaze Roberts2023Conway Junior High23:47.90 --
332Harrison Lock2024Vilonia High School23:51.50 --
333Payton Dumas2022Bauxite High School23:53.61 165
334Jonathan Ray2020Bryant High School23:55.80 --
335Bradley Cotham2019Bauxite High School23:59.91 166
336Ghailin Fadah2020Hot Springs High School24:01.11 --
337Dylan Wilkins2021Maumelle High School24:03.30 --
338Darian Norris2022Little Rock Central High School24:03.83 --
339Matthew Andrews2021Sacred Heart High School24:04.00 167
340Isaac Riley2021Sylvan Hills High School24:04.20 --
341Connor Roy2020Benton High School24:04.40 --
342Jose Romero2022Hot Springs High School24:04.50 --
343Brett Morgan2019Heber Springs High School24:06.20 --
344Matthew Metzler2020The Baptist Preparatory School24:07.76 --
345David Gonzalez2020Caddo Hills High School24:08.63 168
346Garin Gardner2020Shirley High School24:10.30 --
347Anthony Arzola2019Hot Springs High School24:11.20 --
348Chris York2020Vilonia High School24:14.60 --
349Harrison Taylor2021Catholic High School24:15.01 --
350Andrew Ponce Garcia2019Parkview High School24:18.50 169
351John Sadler2020Benton High School24:21.30 --
352Tanner Bowen2019Lakeside (HS) High School24:23.70 --
353Drew Kelley2020Benton High School24:23.95 --
354Adam Whaley2020Bryant High School24:24.90 --
355Josh Temple2021Maumelle High School24:26.20 --
356Isaiah Hall2022Joe T. Robinson High School24:26.90 170
357Riley Tucker2020St Joseph High School24:27.77 --
358Sergio Vargas2020Bryant High School24:33.90 --
359Mason Enis2024Vilonia High School24:35.20 --
360Tyler Curry2021Bryant High School24:36.30 --
361Wayden Hemphill2021Heber Springs High School24:37.50 --
362John Mckenna2020St Joseph High School24:38.70 --
363Alex Garner2020Lakeside (HS) High School24:42.08 --
364Reuben Eye2021Lakeside (HS) High School24:47.28 --
365Antony Roman2021Bryant High School24:47.71 --
366Micah Nichols2021Greenbrier High School24:52.20 171
367Jose Luis Ordaz2022Hot Springs High School24:59.00 --
368Dylan Nguyen2021Lakeside (HS) High School25:11.41 --
369Gage Payne2021Conway High School25:11.65 --
370Jack Smith2020Greenbrier High School25:12.10 172
371Clifton Bell2020Central Arkansas Christian25:16.72 --
372Alex Altamirano2020Hot Springs High School25:17.04 --
373Akhil Thadur2020Pulaski Academy25:26.45 --
374Andre Garber2024Maumelle Charter25:30.30 173
375Alexandru Stan2021Joe T. Robinson High School25:41.50 --
375Gavin Hensley2024Conway Christian High School25:41.50 174
377Kade Williams2024Conway Christian High School25:41.60 175
378Dakota Carl2021Jessieville High School25:44.07 --
379Ethan Carter2020Cabot High School25:44.22 --
380Todd Butler2023Conway Junior High25:44.30 --
381Daniel Hoelzeman2021Sacred Heart High School25:45.20 176
382Bridges Tomlinson2020Lakeside (HS) High School25:55.15 --
383Juan Garcia2022Hot Springs High School25:58.10 --
384Tyler Mackenzie2019Catholic High School26:02.18 --
385Alexander D'Agostino2023Conway Junior High26:05.90 --
386Chris Carter2019Atkins High School26:09.33 --
387Cooper Eubanks2024Maumelle Charter26:14.50 177
388AJ Rocha2022Joe T. Robinson High School26:19.10 --
389Devin Davies2019Lakeside (HS) High School26:20.35 --
390Josh Wood2020Shirley High School26:24.55 --
391Lennon Tusieseina2024Maumelle Charter26:27.30 --
392Cristo Estrada2021Greenbrier High School26:29.80 --
393Leonardo Lozano2020Hot Springs High School26:39.80 --
394Andy Jackson2020Caddo Hills High School26:41.39 178
395David Diaz2020Hot Springs High School26:42.01 --
396Jalal Masoud2021Pulaski Academy26:56.70 --
397Marcos Ceballos2020Hot Springs High School27:02.85 --
398Justin Wright2019Lakeside (HS) High School27:06.79 --
399kaeydon lyvers2019Bauxite High School27:12.39 179
400Blake Ward2021Bauxite High School27:15.81 180
401Darrius Coakley2020Parkview High School27:21.90 --
402Carson Bowen2021Lakeside (HS) High School27:24.60 --
403Tristan Wheelus2021Atkins High School27:42.10 --
404Mario Alvarez2019Hot Springs High School27:43.66 --
405Jacob Nelson2020Little Rock Central High School27:43.67 --
406Jet Maxey2023Conway Christian High School27:44.30 181
407Mathew McCaa2022Maumelle Charter28:09.80 --
408Cameron Freeman2020Parkview High School28:10.80 --
409Grant Werner2021Maumelle High School28:19.10 --
410Nathan Albert2019Bauxite High School28:43.84 182
411Nick Hamling2020Sacred Heart High School28:56.40 --
412Jonathan Sorvillo2022Bauxite High School29:00.54 --
413Duke Wittnebert2022Hot Springs High School29:41.00 --
414Johnathan Altamirano2020Hot Springs High School29:44.64 --
415David Carter2020Hot Springs High School31:44.02 --
416Reed Wallace2019Central Arkansas Christian31:51.04 --
417Om Desai2019Pulaski Academy32:24.18 --
418Luke Shockley2024Maumelle Charter32:44.30 --
419Garrett Garner2019Lakeside (HS) High School32:45.12 --
420Lucas Lloyd2021Little Rock Central High School32:46.96 --
421Camden Henson2024Maumelle Charter33:33.30 --
422Juan Aquino2021Hot Springs High School33:39.86 --
423Connor Ward2021Maumelle High School37:57.89 --
424Jacob Tapia2019Hermitage High School26:26:00.00 183
425Gregory Hillard2019Hermitage High School28:18:00.00 184