Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

6A East Jr. Conference track meet. Entry Fee for each school is $75. Meet Director's John Crossleyany question (501) 690-3983. Coaches Meeting will begin at the ready benches at 3:30. Field Events will begin at 3:45, 4X8 4:00. Running finals will begin as close to 5:00 as possible. Entries for each event is limited to (4) Relays (1). Each school will responsible for running a field event.

Wonder - Shot

East - Disc

Annie Camp- Long Jump

MacArthur - Triple Jump

West Memphis West - High Jump

Mountain Home - Pole Vault

4X1 Relay- Exchange Zones. (1) West & Annie Camp, (2) East, Wonder, MacArthur, (3) Moutain Home, Marion