Coaches & Timers: Upload Your Own Results to MileSplit

Arkansas Coaches & Timers: Upload Your Own Results to MileSplit

You now have the ability to upload your own results from your meet. Here are step by step instructions for taking your Hytek meet results and copy/paste them directly into your meet page in MileSplit.

How to upload cross country and track meet results to


When your meet is finished and all events are scored, go to the run menu and click "Reports."

From the drop down menu click on "Results"

You are going to create two different files, one for the boys results and one for the girls results.

1. In the upper left box for gender please select male.

2. Click on "Select All" on the menu bar in the upper left. This should highlight all of the boys events. If you set up your meet with multiple sessions, please choose the "All" under the day column.

3. There are three tabs at the bottom of the page. Under the first tab select 'Flat HTML", "Compiled", "Event # Order". Put 99 in the box for "Top How Many" and 4 in the "Relay Names"

4. Click the second tab called "Include in Results." Under this tab, check the boxes for "Records", "Field Series" if you input them in, and please be sure to check the box for Male team scores.

5. Then click "Create Report" in the menu bar at the top.

6. Name the file Boys Results and save it somewhere on your computer(either the desktop or a file).

7. Repeat all steps, this time selecting Female as the gender and Female for the team scores under the second tab. Name the second file Girls Results

8. Now log into and go to your meet page. Click on "Meet Manager" and go to "Meet Results in the tool bar.

9. On the right hand side you will see "Add Meet Results".

Copy and paste the Flat HTML files that you saved one at a time into the Body and name the file. DO NOT TYPE ANYTHING INTO THE SOURCE URL , then hit submit.

Copy and paste the second file into the body, name the file and submit.

These instructions are listed on the Arkansas Activities Association website.