Race Calendar

Arkansas 2020 Outdoor Track & Field Meets

Date Event Location Results
12/31 --- Gurdon, AR
2/29 Mulerider Relays Magnolia, AR
3/2 Booneville Bearcats 7th Grade Relays Booneville, AR
3/2 Y Timing 8th Grade Invitational (No 7th Graders) Fayetteville, AR
3/3 Benton Junior High Invitational Benton, AR
3/3 Booneville Bearcat Relays Booneville, AR
3/3 Greenbrier Panther Junior Relays Greenbrier, AR
3/3 Harding University Junior High Invitational Searcy, AR
3/3 Lakeside Jr Relays Hot Springs, AR
3/3 Monticello Junior Goat Relays Monticello, AR
3/3 Y Timing 9th Grade Invitational Fayetteville, AR
3/5 Arkansas High Roy Doc Walker Hog Relays Texarkana, AR
3/5 Benton High School Invitational Benton, AR
3/5 Booneville Bearcats Jr. High Relays Booneville, AR
3/5 Green Forest 7th Grade Practice Meet Green Forest, AR
3/5 Greenbrier Panther Relays Greenbrier, AR
3/5 Harding University Senior High Invitational Searcy, AR
3/5 Lakeside Relays - Hot Springs, AR
3/5 Y Timing HS Invitational Fayetteville, AR
3/6 Van Buren Running Festival Van Buren, AR
3/9 Harrison 7th Grade Practice Running Only Harrison, AR
3/9 Mena Jr. High Relays Mena, AR
3/9 NWA Middle School League Meet #2 Springdale, AR
3/9 Searcy 7th Grade Cub Relays Searcy, AR
3/9 Sheridan JR Yellowjacket Relays Sheridan, AR
3/10 Grade Raider Invitational , AR
3/10 Cub Relays De Queen, AR
3/10 James Lemley Quad City Relays Fort Smith, AR
3/10 JR. Airedale Relays Alma, AR
3/10 Jr. Goblin Relays Harrison, AR
3/10 NWA Middle School League Meet #1 Centerton, AR
3/10 Searcy Lion Jr. High Relays Searcy, AR
3/12 Goblin Relays Harrison, AR
3/12 Jr. Lion Relays Jessieville, AR
3/12 Mena High Relays Mena, AR
3/12 Michael Tinsley Relays Little Rock, AR
3/12 Monticello Senior Goat Relays Monticello, AR
3/12 Prescott Wolf Relays Prescott, AR
3/12 Searcy Lions Sr. High Relays Searcy, AR
3/12 Springdale 9th Grade & JV Relays Springdale, AR
3/12 VBMS Relays 7th Grade Van Buren, AR
3/13 Springdale Schools Invitational Springdale, AR
3/16 Devil Pup 7th Grade Practice Meet Morrilton, AR
3/16 El Dorado Wildkitten Relays (7th/8th grade) El Dorado , AR
3/16 Heber Springs 7th grade Relays Heber Springs, AR
3/16 Monticello 7th/8th Goat Relays Monticello, AR
3/16 Morrilton JR High Practice Meet Morrilton, AR
3/16 NWA Middle School League Meet #3 Bentonville, AR
3/16 NWA Middle School League Meet #4 Springdale, AR
3/16 Robinson Senator 7th Grade Relays Little Rock, AR
3/16 Sheridan SR YellowJacket Relays Sheridan, AR
3/16 Van Buren Junior High Relays Van Buren, AR
3/17 Bearden Junior Bear Relays Bearden, AR
3/17 Bentonville Tiger Freshman Relays Bentonville, AR
3/17 Crossett Jr. Relays Crossett, AR
3/17 El Dorado Junior Wildcat Relays El Dorado , AR
3/17 Elkins Elks Jr. Relays Elkins, AR
3/17 Green Forest Jr. Tyson Relays Green Forest, AR
3/17 Heber Springs Jr High Panther Relays Heber Springs, AR
3/17 Joe T. Robinson Senator Junior Relays Little Rock, AR
3/17 Jr High PECO Relays Pocahontas, AR
3/17 Jr High Raiders Invitational , AR
3/17 Lake Hamilton Jr. High Relays Lake Hamilton, AR
3/17 Morrilton Devil Dog Relays Morrilton, AR
3/17 Prescott Cub Relays Prescott, AR
3/17 Southside Jr High Meet , AR
3/18 JR Hornet Relays MINERAL SPRINGS, AR
3/19 Ashdown Panther/Domtar Relays Ashdown, AR
3/19 Bearden Bear Relays Bearden, AR
3/19 Bentonville Tiger Relays Bentonville, AR
3/19 Crossett Sr. Eagles Relays Crossett, AR
3/19 El Dorado Oil Belt Relays El Dorado , AR
3/19 Elkins Elks Sr. Relays Elkins, AR
3/19 Green Forest Tyson Relays Green Forest, AR
3/19 Greenwood High School Invitational Greenwood, AR
3/19 Heber Springs High School Panther Relays Heber Springs, AR
3/19 Little Rock Trojan High School Invite/Alan Webb Invite Mile Little Rock, AR
3/19 Southern Bancorp Invitational Gurdon, AR
3/19 Sr High PECO Relays Pocahontas, AR
3/27 - 3/28 Jesuit-Sheaner Relays Dallas, TX
3/27 - 3/28 Southern Arkansas University-Dan Veach Invitational Magnolia, AR
3/27 - 3/28 Sugar Bowl Classic New Orleans, LA
3/28 Invitational of the South Murray, KY
3/30 Chaffin 9th Grade Relays Fort Smith, AR
3/30 Conway Only 7th Grade Relays Conway, AR
3/30 Glen Sain 7th Grade Eagle Relays Paragould, AR
3/30 Greenbrier 7th Grade Track Meet Greenbrier, AR
3/30 Magnolia 7/8 Cub Relay Magnolia, AR
3/30 Monticello 7th/8th SEARK Relays Monticello, AR
3/30 NWA Middle School League Meet #5 Siloam Springs, AR
3/31 grade Cub Relays Magnolia, AR
3/31 Berryville Bobcat Jr High Invitational , AR
3/31 Genoa Central Junior Dragon Relay Texarkana, AR
3/31 Heber Springs Jr High Relays Heber Springs, AR
3/31 Joe Nooner Invitational West Memphis, AR
3/31 Jr Mohawk Invitational Piggott, AR
3/31 Jr Ram Relays Hot Springs, AR
3/31 Jr. Bomber Relays Mountain Home, AR
3/31 Magnet Cove Panther Relays Magnet Cove, AR
3/31 Mansfield Sr Tiger Relays Mansfield, AR
3/31 Monticello Junior SEARK Relays Monticello, AR
3/31 NWA Middle School League Meet #6 Rogers, AR
3/31 Siloam Springs 9th Grade Relays Siloam Springs, AR
3/31 White Hall Jr. Bulldog Relays White Hall, AR
4/1 Lincoln Jr Wolfpack Relays Lincoln, AR
4/2 Grade Hoxie Cavenaugh Relays Hoxie, AR
4/2 Batesville Bad Boy Relays Batesville, AR
4/2 Berryville Bobcat High School Invitational , AR
4/2 Bulldog Relays White Hall, AR
4/2 Jonesboro Junior Invitational Jonesboro, AR
4/2 Junior Panther Relays Malvern, AR
4/2 Magnolia Panther Relays Magnolia, AR
4/2 Mansfield Jr Tiger Relays Mansfield, AR
4/2 Monticello SEARK Relays Monticello, AR
4/2 Prescott Merchant Relays Prescott, AR
4/2 Ram Relays Hot Springs, AR
4/2 Ramsey 7th & 8th Relays Fort Smith, AR
4/2 Siloam Springs Panther Relays Siloam Springs, AR
4/2 Sr High Mohawk Invitional Piggott, AR
4/2 Sr. High Lion Relays Jessieville, AR
4/2 Wolfpack Relays Lincoln, AR
4/3 Arkansas Army National Guard Cyclone Relays Russellville, AR
4/4 Annual Battle For The Border Track Classic TN vs MS vs AR vs MO Memphis, TN
4/4 Little Rock Open Little Rock, AR
4/6 7th Grade Wellman Relays Pocahontas, AR
4/6 & 8th Cardinal Relays Camden, AR
4/6 Gale Relays Russellville, AR
4/6 Greenwood 7th Grade Bulldog Relays Greenwood, AR
4/6 Jr. Ricebird Relays Stuttgart, AR
4/6 NWA Middle School League Meet #7 Centerton, AR
4/6 NWA Middle School League Meet #8 Rogers, AR
4/6 Vilonia Eagle 7th Grade Relays Vilonia, AR
4/6 Waldron 7th grade Bulldog Relays Waldron, AR
4/7 7th/8th Grade Airedale Relays Alma, AR
4/7 Green Forest Jr. Anstaff Relays Green Forest, AR
4/7 Hot Springs Jr. High Relays Hot Springs, AR
4/7 Hot Springs Jr. High Relays Hot Springs, AR
4/7 Jr High Wellman Relays Pocahontas, AR
4/7 Jr Owl Relays McGehee, AR
4/7 Jr. Camden Fairview Relays Camden, AR
4/7 Jr. Scrapper Relays Nashville , AR
4/7 Magnet Cove Junior High Relays 2 Malvern, AR
4/7 Pea Ridge Jr High Blackhawk Relays Pea Ridge, AR
4/7 Riverview Raiders JR. Relays Riverview, AR
4/7 Vilonia Jr. Eagles Relays Vilonia, AR
4/7 Wal Mart Cabot Invitational Cabot, AR
4/7 Waldron Jr. Bulldog Relays Waldron, AR
4/7 Whitey Smith 9th Grade Invitational Rogers, AR
4/9 Camden Fairview Relays Camden, AR
4/9 Blackhawk Relays Pea Ridge, AR
4/9 Gaile Hainley Relays Waldron, AR
4/9 Genoa Central Senior Dragon Relays Texarkana, AR
4/9 Green Forest Anstaff Relays Green Forest, AR
4/9 Greenwood Jr High Bulldog Relays Greenwood, AR
4/9 Jerry Roberts Memorial Relays Vilonia, AR
4/9 Joe Reese Memorial Relays Hot Springs, AR
4/9 Jr High Cabot Relays Cabot, AR
4/9 Paul Hoffman-Hurricane Relays Jonesboro, AR
4/9 Riverview Raider SR. Relays Riverview, AR
4/9 Sr High Wellman Relays Pocahontas, AR
4/9 Sr Owl Relays McGehee, AR
4/9 Sr. Scrapper Relays Nashville , AR
4/9 Whirlwind Relays Russellville, AR
4/9 Whitey Smith Relay Carnival Rogers, AR
4/13 Grade Arnold Relays Paragould, AR
4/13 Batesville 7th Grade DQ Relays Batesville, AR
4/13 Brothers Trucking Osceola Seminole Jr. Relays Osceola, AR
4/13 Cabot Panther-Dairy Queen 7th Grade Relays Cabot, AR
4/13 Green Forest 7th Grade Ribbon Meet Green Forest, AR
4/13 Mansfield Jr Quad City Prep Mansfield, AR
4/13 NWACC 8th Grade Conference Meet Fayetteville, AR
4/13 Ricebird Relays Stuttgart, AR
4/13 Trinity 9th Grade Relays Fort Smith, AR
4/14 Ashdown Jr. Panther/Domtar Relays Ashdown, AR
4/14 Batesville Jr. High McDonald's Relays Batesville, AR
4/14 Brothers Trucking Osceola Seminole Sr. Relays Osceola, AR
4/14 Georgia Pacific Junior Relays Gurdon, AR
4/14 Gravette JH Lion Invitational Gravette, AR
4/14 Jr. Goblin Rosson Invitational Harrison, AR
4/14 Lake Hamilton Jr. High Invitational Lake Hamilton, AR
4/14 Monticello Junior Billie Relays Monticello, AR
4/14 Stallion Transportation Badger Relays Beebe, AR
4/14 VBMS Relays 8th Grade Van Buren, AR
4/14 Walmart Blazer Relays Jonesboro, AR
4/15 - 4/18 Kansas Relays Lawrence, KS
4/16 Blue Devil Relays West Memphis, AR
4/16 Batesville Sara Low Relays Batesville, AR
4/16 Collin Raye Leopard Relays De Queen, AR
4/16 Conway Jr. High Relays Conway, AR
4/16 Fayetteville 9th Grade Relays and JV Meet Fayetteville, AR
4/16 Ft. Smith Chaffin 7th & 8th Relays Fort Smith, AR
4/16 Georgia Pacific Senior Relays Gurdon, AR
4/16 Gravette Lion Invitational Gravette, AR
4/16 Lake Hamilton Sr. High Invitational (Sr. Division) Lake Hamilton, AR
4/16 Monticello Billie Relays Monticello, AR
4/16 Sr. Goblin Rosson Relays Harrison, AR
4/16 Walmart Jr Blazer Relays Jonesboro, AR
4/17 Arkansas National Guard Bulldog Relays Fayetteville, AR
4/17 - 4/18 Houston Track & Field Classic Germantown, TN
4/17 Van Buren Pointer Relays Van Buren, AR
4/20 7-4A Jr. High Conference Meet De Queen, AR
4/20 7th- Wampus Cat Relays Conway, AR
4/20 ARVC Jr High Conference Meet Fort Smith, AR
4/20 Bomber Relays Mountain Home, AR
4/20 Mansfield Sr Quad City Mansfield, AR
4/20 NWA JH Conference Bentonville, AR
4/20 Ozark Activities Conference Meet Fayetteville, AR
4/21 1A Region 3 Jr High Conference Meet Pocahontas, AR
4/21 1A-7 JR District Meet MINERAL SPRINGS, AR
4/21 3A-2 Jr. High Conference Meet Bald Knob, AR
4/21 4A Region 8 Jr District Meet Monticello, AR
4/21 4A-1 Junior High District Meet Gravette, AR
4/21 Coca-Cola Relays Nashville , AR
4/21 Conway Wampus Cat Invitational Conway, AR
4/21 District 1A-7 Senior High Meet MINERAL SPRINGS, AR
4/22 1A-1 Jr. High Conference Meet Harrison, AR
4/22 2A Region 3 Jr High Pocahontas, AR
4/22 3A Region 1 West Jr District Mansfield, AR
4/22 5-AA Junior High District Meet Malvern, AR
4/23 3A Region 1 East Jr. High District Green Forest, AR
4/23 3A Region 3 Jr. High District Piggott, AR
4/23 7-3A Jr. District Meet Ashdown, AR
4/23 McDonald's Relays Fort Smith, AR
4/23 Monticello Last Chance Relays Monticello, AR
4/23 Wolverine Invitational Centerton, AR
4/24 2A-1 Jr. High Conference Meet Eureka Springs, AR
4/24 Heber Springs Last Chance Relays Heber Springs, AR
4/27 1A Region 3 Sr Conference Meet Pocahontas, AR
4/27 3A Region 3 Sr High District Piggott, AR
4/27 ARV/NWA Jr High Regional Meet Fort Smith, AR
4/28 3A-2 Sr. High Conference Meet Bald Knob, AR
4/28 4A -3 Sr High Conference Meet Pocahontas, AR
4/28 4A Region 7 Conference Meet Nashville , AR
4/29 2A Region 3 Sr High Conference Meet Pocahontas, AR
4/29 2A Region 4 Sr District Mansfield, AR
4/29 2A-1 Sr. High District Meet Eureka Springs, AR
4/29 4-5A Conference Championship Little Rock, AR
4/29 5-AA South Sr. High District Meet Magnet Cove, AR
4/29 7-2A Senior High District Meet Gurdon, AR
4/30 3A Region 1 East Sr. High District Green Forest, AR
4/30 5A West Conference Championships Russellville, AR
4/30 6A Central Conference Championships Conway, AR
4/30 6A West Conference Championship Bentonville, AR
5/7 6A State Championship , AR
6/4 Festival of Miles Saint Louis, MO
6/18 - 6/21 New Balance Nationals Outdoor Greensboro, NC