Central Arkansas Junior High Conference Meet 2018

Russellville, AR

Meet Information

Welcome to the 2018 Central Arkansas Junior High Conference Meet held at Russellville High School.

Coaches meeting will be held at the benches on the infield at 1:30 pm.

The 3200m relay will begin at 2:00 pm with girls followed by boys.

Field events will also begin at 2:00 pm starting with: boys Discus followed by girls, girls shot followed by boys, boys high jump followed by girls, girls long jump followed by boys, boys triple jump followed by girls, and girls pole vault followed by boys.

All other running events start at 5:00 pm.

All school are allowed four entries per event. All events are finals. If you have questions, please contact Cindy

Williams at cindy.williams@russellvilleschools.net or Marc Tucker at marc.tucker@russellvilleschools