Arkansas Indoor HS Championships - 1A/2A/3A/4A/5A/6A 2023

Fayetteville, AR

Meet Information

ATCA Indoor State Meet Requirements (all division on Saturday Feb 18th)

  1. 1 Coach is a member of the ATCA $110

  2. School is a member of the Arkansas Athletic Association (will follow the AAA rules)

  3. Your school is responsible to provide an adult worker to help run off a field event. Click Here to request your event. no guarantee on events but will try to meet your top 3 (if a school does not provide a worker their athletes are subject to be pulled with no refund)

  4. $100 per gender per team or $25 per athlete

  5. 2 entries per team

  6. Must Clean up your area and follow the rules set by the U of A

All bags will be check entering the building

Spikes will be allowed but checked before competing (1/4 inch pyramid spikes only)


*Buses may drop off between Tyson Track and Tyson Storage

*Buses must park in the lot across from the Baseball Stadium (other side of Razorback Road)

*Guests may NOT park in Shaver Foods or Aryshire lots...this is a private lot and vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense


Raisin Canes in MLK in Fayetteville-

Caitlyn Clements mgr. 918-521-5865(her personal cell)

Box meal deal: includes 3 piece chicken meal,  toast, sauce, bottle of H2O for $8.00

Card numbers and credit cards from schools are ok but if possible please let her know in advance that you plan on using a card. If for some reason the machine won't let her manually run the card, then someone must run by the restaurant at some point with the card and physically let them run it there.

General Information

Entry for fans will be $5 and 3 and under free

T-shirts and Sweatshirt will be for sale with a new logo! 

Awards: the top 3 in each event per Division will receive medals and the overall winner and runner-up teams will receive trophies in each Division 1&2 A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A

Harold Valentine Outstanding Award for both a Male and Female athlete


Doors open at 9:00 (not before)


10:15  Boys PV, then Girls PV

 10:45 ---4x800 then 60 Hurdles and 60 followed by break

10:45 --- (or as soon as the coaches meeting is over)

Field Events:

Boys PV, then Girls PV

Boys & Girls LJ (TJ will follow LJ)

Boys Shot and Girls shot at the same time in the Fowler Center

Running events:

1600 Run,

400 Dash,

800 Run,

200 Dash,


4 x 400 Relay

Girls HJ and Boys HJ will start following the completion of the 60 Hurdles and 60 Dash.

Each athletes will get their first legal jump or throw marked no finals 4 throws and 3 jumps


Field Event Standards (subject to change with entries)


High Jump see below

Long Jump 15

Triple Jump 32

Pole Vault  see below

Shot 28


High Jump  see below

Long Jump 19

Triple Jump 39

Pole Vault  see below

Shot 38


Pole Vault will start at 7-6 and 10-6 with only 1 attempt then it will be raised to starting height (This is to give everyone an opportunity at a makeable height but moving up to save time.  We will go back to 3 consecutive misses then you're out after that entry height.) 

High Jump will start at 4-4 and 5-6 with only 1 attempt then it will be raised to the starting height