Beebe Badger Relays 2016

Beebe, AR

Meet Information

We are looking forward to your competing in the 2016 Badger Relays. It is our intent to provide a well-run, competitive meet that gives each athlete an opportunity to have their best performance. Any questions contact me at 501 279-7532.

3:00 Coaches meeting
3:30 Boys shot, hj, tj
Girls discus, lj, PV
4:00 4x 800 relay
5:30 running finals. May adjust pending field events
100 hurdles
110 hurdles
100m dash
1600 run
4x100 relay
400 dash
300 I hurdle
800 run
200 dash
3200 run
4x400 relay

Entry fee is $50.00 per gender team or $75.00 for both genders. Individual entries are $10.00 each. Make checks payable to Beebe Track and Field.

Awards are 1st place-medals. 2nd 8th ribbons. Ribbons will be in at later date. Sorry. Plaques to 1st and 2nd place and high point.

Hospitality will be provided through tickets issued at coaches meeting. Meet will start promptly at 3:30 so make sure your athletes arrive in time to get their marks.

Please be parked behind visitor bleachers by 2:45 to avoid school traffic.

You may enter 2 athletes in sprints, distance, and field events. We will go best to worst in field events with 5 alive in vertical jumps ENTRY DEADLINE 10:00 A.M.

Minimum marking distances/starting heights will be based on entries. Any modifications will be by games committee.

We will be conducting this as a state meet .NFHS rules and AAA rules will apply. Please adhere to the facility rules or it may result in your athletes being disqualified.


Coach Pinkerton
Coach Rector