STG Badger Relays 2019

Beebe, AR

Meet Information

Please contact Mark Pinkerton or

Mark Bivens for permission to enter meet. We are going to limit meet to 12 full

teams this year.
Live results on

3:00 Coaches meeting

3:45 girls pole vault

4:00 Field events - Girls Discus, LJ

        Boys - Shot, HJ, TJ 

4:00 4 x 800m

5:30 Running Finals - starting time may adjust pending Field Events

100/110 Hurdles

100 m Dash

1600 m Run

4 x 100 m Relay

400 m Dash

300 m Hurdles

800 m Run

200 m Dash

3200 m Run

4 x 400 m Relay

There will be a $ 85 entry per team or $ 150 per school if bringing both girls and

boys teams.  Make check payable to Beebe

Track and Field. Entry fees are due on day of the meet or you will not be

allowed to participate.

Awards medals 1st place. Ribbons 2nd-8th.

Plaques will go to Team Champion and high point as determined by macdonald


Hospitality information for coaches will be handled through the concession

stand with tickets issued at coach's meeting.

You may enter 2 athletes in the sprints, 2 in the distance, and 2 in the field

events. 3 throws/jumps in shot, discus, LJ, TJ no finals.  ENTRY DEADLINE

10:00AM CST

Beebe will have jv teams competing but they will not score.

Minimum marking distances/starting heights for the field events will be determined

by the entries. Any modifications to those will be by the games committee.

NFHS and AAA rules will apply. Please adhere to the facility rules or it may

result in your athlete(s) being disqualified:

1. Athletes may warm up on the field. No camps or chairs on the turf. You may

make your camps on the visitor bleachers or the area outside the fence on the

visitor side of the stadium. The bandstand area will be for Vilonia athletes


2. We will have restricted coaching areas for the field events please remain in

those areas while coaching your athletes at those events.

3. No food, gum or sunflower seeds on the track or turf. 

4. 1/4" spikes only.


Mark Pinkerton