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2019 CHECK-IN FOR STATE CROSS COUNTRY REFERENCE SHEET FOR COACHES At check-in you will be asked the following questions:Name of school?Boys, girls or both?Are all runners listed are running?If all runners are not listed, the coach will need to either DELETE or SUBSTITUTE for each one: To delete (without a sub), line through the name, circle the number and put a slash through the circle.()To substitute, the coach must make a line through the non-competitor and print the new name AND GRADE to the right. The new runner will take that number. Be sure to list the GRADE of the sub.REMINDER FOR ALL COACHES: (1)ALL RUNNERS MUST WEAR THE ASSIGNED NUMBER!!!!! Penalty: DISQUALIFICATION.(2)Coaches must print the following information on the runners pull tag:a.Last and First nameb.Sexc.Team or Affiliation(3) Coaches must sign the Team Roster included in the packet. The coachs signature indicates:a. The Roster is correct (pencils will be provide to note changes) b. That all athletes are legally attired and equipped. Good sportsmanship will be observed.(4)

There will be a MANDATORY COACHES MEETING for each classification 30 minutes before the Boys start of each class. All coaches meetings will be held in the designated area near the start/finish. The opening ceremonies will be held in the same area.(5) If there are fewer runners than there are names listed, the coach must return the extra competitor number(s). If, for any reason, someone later decides before the race not to run, this must be reported to a meet official and the finish tag should have SCRATCH written on it and it must be turned in to the scoring supervisor as soon as possible, before the race is completely scored. The scorers must know this to produce accurate results.If a runner does not finish the course, THE SCORERS must be notified immediately so that the scorers do not think that runners time is still missing. Not reporting either of these situations will cause a problem when scoring the meet.We must be able to account for every runner.

  1. 9:00 AM 4A Boys

  2. 9:30 AM 5A Boys

  3. 10:00 AM 4A Girls

  4. 10:45 AM 5A Girls

  5. 11:30 AM 6A Boys

  6. 12:00 PM 1A/2A Boys

  7. 12:30 PM 6A Girls

  8. 1:15 PM 1A/2A Girls

  9. 2:00 PM 3A Boys

  10. 2:45 PM 3A Girls

Coach Meetings
4A-5A 8:30 AM

6A & 1A/2A 11:00 AM

3A 1:30 PM